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Thermoshield, is the solution for taming extreme heat conditions with improved ambient temperatures in commercial buildings, industrial equipment, homes, trucks, silos and much more..

This Australian success story now exports its technology across the globe, especially to countries, who like Australia, experience extreme heat conditions, such as Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, Iraq and India.

A simple application of Thermoshield will not only save you money by lowering your operating costs, it will also extend the life of your building and equipment. As Thermoshield will lower your internal temperatures, you will dramatically improve personal comfort levels.

Importantly, there is no need to replace any of your existing materials as Thermoshield is a liquid, ceramic, waterproof, radiant heat barrier that is easily applied to existing roofs and walls to repel heat, virtually eliminating UV penetration as well as improves solar reflectance by up to 80%, and is backed with our minimum 10 year warranty.*

*Based on Therrmoshield's application requirements, Therrmoshield will provide a minimum 10 years warranty period on its product..